Shovel of Hope: Co-op Instruction Manual

It’s time to team up and shovel with a friend! Shovel Knight co-op is here!

It’s time to team up and shovel with a friend! Shovel Knight co-op is here! As of version 3.0 onward, co-op is available in Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope on all platforms (the only exceptions being on portable systems: 3DS and Vita).

If you want to read about a different game or feature, go to the main Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove manuals  page.

Activating Co-op

Join before selecting a profile to start in co-op!

Or join an adventure in progress right from the map!

On the Profile Select or Level Map screen, there will be a prompt in the upper left hand corner inviting you to start co-op! Press the button to bring up the Co-op Join Menu. You will also be prompted to activate a controller of your choice. Shovel Knight supports many types of controllers, check our Controller Support for more information.

TIP: Co-op is only supported within Shovel of Hope/Shovel Knight’s campaign.

Playing Together

For Shovelry-lry!

Now that there are 2 Shovel Knights, a lot has changed! Familiarize yourself to become a good partner and a co-op pro!

TIP: Player 1 defaults to blue, and Player 2 defaults to green. don’t lose track of yourself!

Share, Share Alike

In co-op, all gold is shared between players, so there’s no need to hoard it! Even if you collect your partner’s money bags, the gold is shared.

Unlike gold, health is separate for each player. You’ll need to decide who gets that next turkey or apple… or just grab it for yourself!

Finally, you share the screen! If two players are too far away, the screen will stop scrolling. Also, when one player goes to a new screen, the other player is brought along automatically during the screen transition. Make sure to stick together, but give each other enough space!

Lending a Helping Hand

Your partner will be affected by your Shovel and Relic attacks, getting knocked around but not taking damage. It may be fun to antagonize your friend, but it won’t get you very far!

Make sure to let the other player know your plan! ...or not!

Luckily, you can also help each other out! By Shovel Dropping on your partner’s head, you can bounce to new heights unattainable on your own!

Mix and Match Modes!

Co-op works with other modes in Shovel of Hope too! Change things up with Body Swap Mode! Take on the Turbo Tunnel with a toadally rad friend on Xbox One! Summon a friendly fairy for your friend, or compare and contrast Custom Knights with amiibo on Switch and Wii U!

Falling in Battle and Reviving

If one player falls in battle, not all is lost. In fact, the fallen partner can return to life!

When the remaining player is in a safe spot (not in the air or in a place where you might fall), the fallen player can press the Jump Button to revive, leaping back into the fray! However, this action splits the remaining health between the two players equally. Be careful not to drain all of your health reviving one another!

Note: If the remaining player has less than 1 bubble of health, the fallen player will be unable to revive.

The Knight Rankings Screen

Better luck next time! Although the most important thing is that you cleared the stage together!

New to co-op is a Knight Rankings Screen, which tabulates your totals at the end of each level. It counts gold earned, enemies defeated, and number of times each player fell in battle. Next, it determines a winner for that stage!

This ranking is only for bragging rights, so make sure to have fun and don’t take it too seriously.

Leaving Co-op

Either player can choose Leave Game from the Pause Menu to leave the game at any time.

To join again, players must exit to the Level Map or Profile Select screen.

Secret Tips!

Teamwork Wins!

You can get all sorts of places by Shovel Dropping on your partner! Use it to bypass places you otherwise could not!

Synergize your Relics!

Two long range Relics to decimate enemies from afar? A defensive Relic combined with an offensive one? Strategize with multiple relics and be more than the sum of your parts. But don’t get caught in the crossfire!

One Head is Better Than Two?

If one player is having an especially tough time on a particular section, it may be best to avoid reviving and let the other player pass it. Revive when it’s safer and both players will have more health for the next challenge!


We encourage everyone to work together with one another to achieve harmonious shoveling but sometimes you might choose to let off some steam… If you’re looking to really send your partner flying, try the Charge Handle! Some relics can really do the job too! If another player is being a bit of a bully, try a defensive relic like the Phase Locket to psyche them out! That’ll show ’em!